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Clarice StengerClarice StengerClarice Stenger

On 13, May 2012 | In Office | By - K. Canatan

Clarice Stenger

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Mr. C.B. (Clarice) Stenger graduated from the University of Groningen in 2003. She joined Meijers Canatan Advocaten in March 2011 and joined the partnership on 1 January 2015.

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Pepijn Slewe                                Pepijn Slewe                                Pepijn Slewe

On 13, May 2012 | In Office | By - K. Canatan

Pepijn Slewe

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Mr. F. P. (Pepijn) Slewe studied Dutch law in Amsterdam. From 1997 to June 2008 he worked at Abma Schreurs Advocaten in Amsterdam in the criminal law department as a research associate. Since June 2008 he has been working at Meijers Canatan Advocaten.

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Eric StellerEric StellerEric Steller

On 28, Aug 2019 | In  Office | By - K. Canatan

Eric Steller

M +31623091396 | E-MAIL | LINKEDIN


Mr. E.M. (Eric) Steller studied law at the University of Amsterdam. He also obtained a bachelor's degree in Natural Sciences and Innovation Management from the University of Utrecht and a propaedeutic year from Royal Holloway, University of London.

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Thomas FinkenThomas Finken

On 23, Aug 2023 | In | By - K. Canatan

Thomas Finken

M +31641201189 | E-MAIL | LINKEDIN


Mr. T.S. (Thomas) Finken studied Law at the University of Amsterdam and obtained his Master's degree in Criminal Law at Erasmus University in Rotterdam. He also obtained a bachelor's degree in Political Science from Leiden University. During his studies he worked for an organization that promotes democracy and the rule of law and did a semester internship in London (UK).

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