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Cassation in criminal cases

Cassation is the name for the proceedings before the Supreme Court of the Netherlands, the highest court in the Netherlands. If the defendant or the Public Prosecution Service disagrees with a decision of the court of appeal (or in some cases the court), cassation can be instituted (also referred to as 'going into cassation'). In cassation, only questions of law can be raised. The Supreme Court therefore does not examine whether the facts established by the lower court are correct, but whether the law (including the procedural rules) has been correctly applied. The Supreme Court does so on the basis of the facts established by the lower court. As a result, the case is not completely reopened. As a result, the procedure differs substantially from that of the lower court.


Gabriel Meijers, Kerem Canatan, Pepijn Slewe and Michael Berndsen are the firm's cassation specialists. With four cassation lawyers, we can call ourselves the law firm with the largest cassation section in criminal cases. Detailed information can be found on our website


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