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On 03, Jan 2022 | In | By - K. Canatan

Paul van Jaarsveld

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P.Th. (Paul) van Jaarsveld studied law at Groningen University. In 2000, while still a student, he became a senior court clerk at the Court of Appeal in Leeuwarden, where he focused exclusively on criminal cases.

After that instructive time - during which he made a brief excursion to the Groningen District Court (for one year) - he became a lawyer in Groningen in 2007. He soon realised that criminal law also continued to attract him in that capacity. In the meantime, he has built up a broad practice with special expertise in the field of life and non-life crimes, various forms of fraud, money laundering, financial-economic crimes, fiscal criminal law, drug-related crimes and sexual offences.

In 2022 he joined Meijers Canatan Advocaten to serve his clients from the Groningen office.

Mr Van Jaarsveld has entered into a partnership with Meijers Canatan Advocaten LLP pursuant to Article 5.3 under b Voda. The contract for services is entered into with Meijers Canatan Advocaten LLP.



General criminal law including drugs, life crimes, sexual offences, fraud and money laundering.


Register of jurisdictions and supervision

Paul van Jaarsveld has registered the following areas of law in the Register of Legal Entities of the Netherlands Bar Association:

  • Criminal law
  • This registration obliges him to earn ten training points in each registered area of law each calendar year in accordance with the standards of the Dutch Bar Association.

    Because Mr Van Jaarsveld works at the Groningen branch, he falls under the supervision of the Bar Association of North Netherlands.



    Paul van Jaarsveld is a member of:



    At Meijers Canatan Lawyers we use experienced interpreters. Some languages we speak ourselves. Paul van Jaarsveld masters the following languages:

    • Dutch
    • Frisian
    • English
    • French (reasonable)
    • German (reasonable)

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