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Hourly rate

The most convenient option is to pay your lawyer on the basis of his or her hourly rate. You will then receive an invoice for the time the lawyer has worked for you multiplied by the agreed hourly rate plus VAT. Your lawyer will inform you of the hourly rate.


Sample calculation

Suppose your lawyer has worked 10 hours in your case and charges an hourly rate of EUR 200.

Calculation: 10 hours x EUR 200,- = EUR 2.000,- + 21% VAT (EUR 420,-) = EUR 2.420,-

In this example, you will receive a total invoice of EUR 2,420.


Depending on the type of case, you will receive an interim invoice and/or a final invoice. Usually we also ask you to make an advance payment. This can be done by bank transfer or, if that is not possible, also in cash. In that case you will receive a receipt from us.


All the work we do is processed in our hourly specifications. We always send an hourly specification along with our invoices if we assist you at an hourly rate. Hour specifications can also be requested on request.


Compensation after acquittal

If you are acquitted of all the facts (or a similar decision) your lawyer may ask the court to reimburse you for the costs you have incurred. If the judge finds this reasonable and fair, it will be granted. This is not an absolute right and the reimbursement may also be lower than the actual costs incurred. Our lawyers can inform you about this.

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