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WOTS proceedings

The Transfer of Enforcement of Criminal Judgements Act (WOTS) regulates the procedure for Dutch nationals (or sometimes persons rooted in the Netherlands) to serve a sentence imposed abroad in the Netherlands. This lengthy procedure starts with an application in the country where the sentence was imposed. Only after that application has been processed in the Netherlands can a lawyer do something for you. In the first instance, this is only to obtain information, unless the person in question has given another person as a contact person to the Dutch embassy or consul. After the transfer to the Netherlands, the so-called conversion procedure is sometimes followed. This means that the Dutch court will transpose the sentence according to Dutch standards, but taking international sensitivities into account. During the conversion procedure you are entitled to legal assistance from an attorney at law. At Meijers Canatan Advocaten we have a great deal of experience with these WOTS proceedings.


The Dutch government has published a brochure with relevant information for detainees abroad. You can find the brochure below:

Arrested abroad


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