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On 23, Aug 2023 | In | By - K. Canatan

Thomas Finken

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Mr. T.S. (Thomas) Finken studied Law at the University of Amsterdam and obtained his Master's degree in Criminal Law at Erasmus University in Rotterdam. He also obtained a bachelor's degree in Political Science from Leiden University. During his studies he worked for an organization that promotes democracy and the rule of law and did a semester internship in London (UK).

Since August 2023, Mr. Finken has been an attorney at Meijers Canatan Lawyers.



General criminal law



Because Mr. Finken works at the Schiphol branch, he falls under the supervision of the Noord-Holland Bar Association



Thomas Finken's affiliations include:



At Meijers Canatan Lawyers, we use experienced interpreters. Some languages we speak ourselves. Thomas Finken masters the following languages:

  • Dutch
  • English


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