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On 06, July 2015 | In | By - K. Canatan

Michael Berndsen

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Mr. M. (Michael) Berndsen studied law at Utrecht University and University of Victoria (Canada). He then followed the two-year Master's degree in Legal Research.

He deals exclusively with criminal cases (including cases involving vice, drugs, violence and murder). Mr Berndsen is particularly specialised in cybercrime and cassation cases at the Dutch Supreme Court. He has been admitted as a full member by the board of the Association of Cassation Lawyers in Criminal Cases (Vereniging van Cassatieadvocaten in Strafzaken, VCAS) and is therefore part of a select group of cassation specialists in criminal cases. In addition, he has successfully completed the training programme for specialists in criminal law.


Because of his expertise, suspects of computer crime have come to the right place with Mr Berndsen. Not only does he have knowledge of the legal aspects of cybercrime, but he also knows the technological side and investigative methods. Mr Berndsen, for example, has followed a training course on forensic investigation of data carriers and he always keeps his knowledge up to date.


Mr. Berndsen regularly publishes on criminal law in legal journals and writes annotations for, Computerrecht and Tijdschrift voor Internetrecht (TvIR). He was also named one of the new top lawyers in the Netherlands in Nieuwe Revu (2015) and Panorama (2020).


Well-known criminal cases in which he has acted include the Utrecht error liquidation, the ERIS liquidation process, the Putten murder case, the Rijswijk murder case and the case of the Wassenaar 'hockey player'.


During his studies, he was a board member of the criminal study association Ad Informandum and did internships at Spong Advocaten.


Mr. Berndsen has entered into a partnership with Meijers Canatan Advocaten LLP pursuant to Section 5.3(b) Voda. The engagement agreement is entered into with Meijers Canatan Advocaten LLP.



Cybercrime, cassation in criminal cases, general criminal law and proceedings before the European Court of Human Rights.


Register of jurisdictions and supervision

Michael Berndsen has registered the following areas of law in the Register of Jurisdictions of the Dutch Bar Association:

This registration obliges him to earn ten training points in each registered area of law each calendar year in accordance with the standards of the Dutch Bar Association.

Since Mr. Berndsen works at the Amsterdam office, he is supervised by the Amsterdam Bar Association.



Michael Berndsen is a.o. affiliated with:



Michael Berndsen publishes regularly on legal subjects:



At Meijers Canatan Advocaten we use experienced interpreters. Some languages we speak ourselves. Michael Berndsen has a command of the following languages:

  • Dutch
  • English
  • German
  • French (limited)

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