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Privacy statement

Privacy Statement Meijers Canatan Lawyers LLP



Meijers Canatan Advocaten LLP processes personal data in order to provide services, to improve services and to communicate with you personally as a data subject. In this statement, we inform you about what data we collect and use about you, for what purposes we do so, what rights you have, and how you can exercise them against us.

Meijers Canatan Advocaten LLP respects your personal data and ensures that the personal information provided to us or otherwise obtained is treated confidentially. Personal data includes all information about a person. Data that indirectly says something about someone is also personal data. The following is to comply with the obligation to inform the data subject(s) whose personal data Meijers Canatan Advocaten LLP processes, as stipulated in the AVG (General Data Protection Regulation).

Meijers Canatan Advocaten LLP is responsible for the processing operations described in this privacy statement. Meijers Canatan Advocaten LLP decides which personal data will be processed, for what purpose and in what manner.


Purpose of processing personal data

Meijers Canatan Advocaten LLP processes the personal data mentioned below exclusively for the purposes mentioned below:

  • Providing legal services, including the execution of an agreement
    and conducting (legal) proceedings
  • the collection of declarations
  • advice, mediation and referral
  • comply with our legal and regulatory obligations


What personal data are processed?

Meijers Canatan Advocaten LLP processes the following (types or categories of) personal data for the provision of its services or which are provided by the data subject on his/her own initiative:

  • Your name
  • Contact details
  • E-mail address
  • Telephone number
  • Postal address
  • Financial data
  • Bank account numbers
  • Business data
  • All relevant information, whether personal or not, which is necessary for the processing of your file

Meijers Canatan Advocaten LLP processes the personal data referred to above because they have been provided by you as a data subject on your own initiative, they have been obtained within the framework of the provision of services, they have been disclosed to us by third parties (including counterparties), or they have become known to us through public sources.


Basis for processing personal data

Meijers Canatan Advocaten LLP processes the personal data mentioned above exclusively on the basis of the following grounds as referred to in Article 6 of the AVG:

  • legal obligation
  • performance of an agreement
  • consent obtained from data subject(s)
  • legitimate interest


Sharing of personal data with third parties

Meijers Canatan Advocaten LLP will only share your personal data with third parties to the extent necessary to provide services in accordance with the aforementioned purposes. This includes, for example, the replacement of the practice by another lawyer, the performance or commissioning of an expert opinion or the engagement of another third party on behalf of and under the instruction of Meijers Canatan Advocaten LLP, such as an IT supplier, but also the provision of your personal data in connection with (legal) proceedings or correspondence with the opposing party.

In addition, Meijers Canatan Advocaten LLP may disclose personal data to a third party, such as a supervisory authority or any other body entrusted with public authority, insofar as there is a legal obligation to do so.

A processor's agreement will be concluded with the third party that processes your personal data on behalf of and under the instructions of Meijers Canatan Advocaten LLP, as a result of which the third party will also be obliged to comply with the AVG. Third parties engaged by Meijers Canatan LLP, who provide services as data controllers, are themselves responsible for the (further) processing of your personal data and for complying with the AVG. This includes, for example, an accountant, notary public, other third parties engaged for the purposes of a second opinion or expert report.


Security of personal data

Meijers Canatan Advocaten LLP places great importance on the security and protection of your personal data and, taking into account the state of the art, ensures appropriate technical and organisational measures to guarantee a risk adjusted security level. In the event that Meijers Canatan Advocaten LLP makes use of the services of third parties, such as an IT supplier, Meijers Canatan Advocaten LLP will, in the context of the protection of personal data, lay down agreements in a processor's agreement regarding adequate security measures.


Retention period of personal data

Meijers Canatan Advocaten LLP does not retain personal data that is processed any longer than is necessary for the aforementioned purposes of data processing or as required by law and regulations.


Privacy rights of data subjects

You can send a request for inspection, correction, restriction, opposition, transferability of data, deletion of your personal data or withdrawal of previously given permission via the contact details below. You will receive further information from us within four weeks of receipt of your request.

There may be circumstances under which Meijers Canatan Advocaten LLP cannot or cannot fully implement your request as a data subject. These include, for example, the duty of secrecy of lawyers and statutory retention periods. Please address your requests as above to: Meijers Canatan Advocaten LLP Herengracht 1017 CB in Amsterdam. For questions about our privacy policy, please send an e-mail to

To ensure that we are providing the personal data in question to the correct person on the basis of your request, we will ask you to provide a copy of a valid passport, driving licence or identity document with a screened passport photo and BSN number for verification. Meijers Canatan LLP will only deal with requests relating to your own personal data.


Statistics and cookies

Meijers Canatan LLP does not collect any usage data of the website(s) for statistical purposes. The personal data collected in this way are in principle anonymous and will not be sold by Meijers Canatan LLP lawyers to third parties.


Modification of privacy statement

Meijers Canatan Advocaten LLP has the right to change the content of this privacy statement at any time without prior notice. Amendments to the privacy statement will be published on the website of the law firm. Therefore, please consult our website(s) regularly.


Questions & Contact

If you have any questions or comments about the processing of your personal data and this privacy statement, please contact

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